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Boudoir photography is sexy and sensual, glamorous and styled, flirty and fun. Traditionally, boudoir photography is provocative without actually being revealing. The great tease is set against a plush and romantic backdrop like a bedroom or dressing room. The final images resemble artwork found in pin-up magazines and from photoshoots with classic Hollywood movie stars.

About Prive Boudoir Photography in Huntsville

Our boudoir studio is the only place in North Alabama dedicated to that type of whimsical and racy photography. We work with real women – never models – so no matter your age or build, you are in good company. Photographer Allison Jansen is an expert at shooting real women, and will help guide you through poses that suit your best features. Our ecstatic clients always tell us how easy, fun, and comfortable the entire experience is.

Some say it is the perfect gift for the special person in your life. Yet for many people it is just as much a gift for the self. Prive Boudoir takes you simultaneously through an indulgent experience and a daring adventure to create beautiful, soft, and sensual images of you, to keep forever.

Allison Jansen – Boudoir Photographer

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest women around because I love my job and wouldn’t trade it for the world! My passion for photography started in high school and never stopped. Truthfully, it is the only thing I have ever done, or wanted to do. Since 2004 I have owned and operated my own photography studio in downtown Huntsville. In the beginning, I shot mostly weddings and children. Then, about 10 years ago, I discovered boudoir.

The story of how I discovered boudoir is kind of funny, so I’ll share it with you. One night my SO brought some really cute lingerie home as a gift for me. As I entered the bedroom — a little self conscious — I noticed he was sitting on the bed with our crappy point-and-shoot camera with a terrible front flash, and a white sheet thumb-tacked to the wall as a backdrop. Oh the horror!!! It was almost too much for my photographer brain to take — the tiny backdrop, the terrible lighting, and absolutely NO direction for posing — well, I almost blew a gasket. Being a good sport, and truly appreciating his gesture, I let him take a few pictures. However, at the first chance, I deleted them all. The next day I went straight to work and planned my own boudoir shoot.

Since that time I have practiced the art of capturing beautiful and intimate portraits of women. Many clients tell me I put them at ease, and the fact is that lighting, background, and professional posing make all the difference in the world (and I mean, like, fifteen pounds worth of difference!). We all want to look sexy and irresistible, and with a little help anyone can be a beautiful boudoir lady.

Your privacy

We respect your privacy – and our clients trust us. We never show your photographs to anyone outside of our staff without your permission. The subjects in all of the sample images you see at the studio and online have given us permission to show the photographs to others.

About the photographer

For over 10 years, I have practiced the art of capturing beautiful and intimate portraits of women. I know what looks good and work hard to put you at ease and pose you in a flattering way. Read more About me and my Prive Boudoir Photography studio. – Allison Jansen

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