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You are beautiful, worthy and confident


Boudoir photography is not about photo editing to make you to look like a model or someone you are not. It is up to you how much or how little skin you show and we want the shoots to show your personality. We want you to feel comfortable and have fun on your shoot.  Read through some of the more common questions then contact us for more information.

Where will the photographs be taken?

Mostly the session takes place in our studio located in the A.M. Booth Lumberyard complex of downtown Huntsville. Special requests may be made for a different location, but are subject to photographer approval.

How many poses are included in a standard session?

You have three clothing changes for this hour long photo shoot. If you would like to do some nude, that will count as one outfit. You can bring more than three ensembles if you would like help in deciding what to wear once you see the backdrops.

Prive Boudoir Photography Snapshots

What will this cost?

Our sessions range in price dependent upon the requests of the client. Standard pricing for one is listed below:

$175 – includes a sitting fee for one woman, three clothes changes and free online proofing.

$600 – USB with printable images

$20 – Online slideshow set to music posted for 4 weeks (you may choose some or all images)

Prive Boudoir Photography Snapshot 2
Do you ever do group sessions?

Yes. We call it the ‘Sexy Lady Picture Party’ and it makes a very memorable girl’s night out or bachelorette bash. Gather up to 7 of your closest girlfriends for a Private “girl’s night out” party. Enjoy wine, hors d’oeuvres and great girl time, all while defining your sexy. All ladies take turns stepping into a private room for their own individual photo session.

$85 per sexy lady (3-6 ladies), which includes sitting fee, two clothing changes, free online proofing.

How do I get my pictures?

Pictures are normally available for pick-up 7 days after ordering. Pictures are posted on a password restricted website for 48 hours.

What can I do to help the photo session go smoothly?

Relax and be confident. There is nothing more important than exhibiting the courage of a cougar during the shoot. We will pose you in the best way possible to accentuate the positives and hide the not-so positives. Some poses may be uncomfortable and you may wonder — what the heck is the photographer doing to me? —  but, please, trust us. Our goal is to make you look stunning, and nothing less. Many clients tell us that stretching before-hand can also help loosen you up, particularly since you will be engaged in a variety of poses.

Should I do any homework beforehand?

Yes. Take a look at magazines, films or pictures that you like to find your personal style and vision. Bring them to the shoot if you like. Or, you may email pictures to us before you arrive to show us what inspires you. Remember, these pictures are all about you and any direction you give us helps create your perfect shoot.

Will my pictures remain private?

On occasion we ask a client for permission to use their photograph for promotional purposes i.e. Website or Facebook, however, you will clearly be notified of this intent and be asked for consent. If consent is not given, your photos will not be posted anywhere online.

Who selects the final images?

After the images have been taken they are placed in a password protected online gallery where you select the final images.

Are guests allowed during the session?

Yes, with limitations. Please, no children. We do offer group sessions. Call for more information.

Is there anything else I need to know

Please remember to be on time and not early, unless cleared with the photographer. We often book shoots back-to-back. Also, remember, only minor touch-ups should be done once you arrive to make the most out the hour of studio time.

Directly next door to the studio is So Vain Salon. Any hair stylist  there is an excellent choice for primping. Nancy Finnegan,  one of Huntsville’s best makeup artists, also works at the salon. Schedule an appointment by calling (256) 551-1010.

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